Mom and police lieutenant step-father of Florida teen press charges after the 17-year-old 'used their debit cards to pay two people $1,400 to kill them'

A Florida nurse and her police lieutenant husband are pressing charges against the woman's daughter after she allegedly paid money to have them murdered.

Alyssa Michelle Hatcher, 17, was charged with two counts of criminal solicitation for murder at the discretion of her mother and stepfather - Tammy Hatcher Scheller and Michael Scheller.

An arrest affidavit from the Lake County Sheriff's Office details that Alyssa Michelle Hatcher was also charged with stealing her parents' debit card to pay for the killings.

Tammy Hatcher Scheller is a nurse and senior records clerk for the Florida Department of Health.

Mike Scheller's LinkedIn profile states that he is a lieutenant for the Clermont Police Department, which is roughly an hour away from Umatilla.

Alyssa Hatcher was arrested on Monday by the Umatilla Police Department.

Deputies with the sheriff's department shared that they were contacted by a juvenile witness who said that Hatcher had given a friend 'a lot of money' so that they could find someone to kill her parents.

An investigation soon found that the teen had stolen her parents' debit card and completed two transactions - one for $503 and the other for $926.40. The money was found to have been given to two individuals, the arrest affidavit states.

Detective D. Causey contacted Hatcher's boyfriend and learned that she was last seen on Monday morning at a known drug house where she told him was where she wanted her parents to be killed.

In a recorded interview, Hatcher shared that she had stolen her parents' debit card and admitted to making the two transactions.

She added that $100 of the first transaction was used to buy cocaine while another $400 was given to the second witness. The witness was to then find someone to kill her parents.

Since the act wasn't carried out by the first person, Hatcher reportedly gave $900 to a 'black male' to kill her parents.

Hatcher's social media profiles indicate that she was a cheerleader at Umatilla High School. According to MaxPreps, she also played soccer on the school's JV team during the 2018-2019 season.

It is unknown whether the teen has an attorney.