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Well, the prediction had been that we'd find exosolar comets. But the first exosolar object we found, 'Oumuamua, was not a comet. And wasn't a typical asteroid either - it was truly bizarre, and people are still arguing over how to interpret it. So, in many ways, it's only now that predictions are really starting to be confirmed.
In the past I remember only that in was predicted that our solar system would be visited by extrastellar 'objects.' I do not recall whether it was specifically in reference t comments, but I could see that the most likely visitors would be comets. Considering it is known that both asteroids and comets are known exist it is open to the possibility that interstellar objects could be either.

Fun 'Oumumua fact: i once fed an interview that mentioned it into automated transcription software, and it popped out as "Oh momma"
As far as 'Oumumua' is concerned, the orbit is extremely hyperbolic, and does not appear to be related to any other star, and is likely a wandering 'loner' probably a remnant of long gone solar system.