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Thanks 😀😃 I like Johnnymac’s clarity - even if a milder delivery, now and then, might be no bad thing. Far too many churchmen woffle, and beat about the bush - with JM, one knows where one stands.

I know almost nothing about Fee, but what little I’ve heard is good. I have a copy of “How To Read The Bible For All It’s Worth”, which he co-wrote with Douglas Stuart. The only theology that comes through is basic Evangelical Protestantism - and not so strongly as to make the book unattractive to those of us who are neither. If someone asked me for a straightforward, accessible, intelligent, clear introduction to the Bible for a reader who had no knowledge of it, I would recommend that book. It really is outstanding 😄
In many ways, Fee could be considered an anti-JMac. Fee is Pentecostal/Charismatic, Arminian (or at least Arminian-ish), egalitarian, eschatologically non-dispensational, not a literal-six-day Creationist, and almost always takes an irenic approach.

The whole How to... series is great. It even has good reminders for those who have been around Scripture for years or decades. And you're right: For the most part, theological conclusions are given with a light touch.