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What in the world do the two have to do with each other? Scripture is pretty clear on how we are to pray for our leaders. That's it. Our spreading the Gospel has nothing to do with who is President. It has to do with who is Savior, and that's it.
Scripture is also pretty clear on your obligations towards other human beings. It is also pretty clear on personal responsibility towards other and Jesus identifies with those who are weak, ignored, mistreated, in prison, hungry and the like. It is a wonder how you think you can promote that message in one context and then go on not only to vote (which could be a compromise) but continue an almost unconditional support for a man who not only has a dehumanizing rhetoric but also treats the absolute weakest very badly, taking children away from their parents and the like. I know, because I have seen it before, that you will continue to ignore it, find excuses or go for simplifications like the one you presented above. It is easy to see through. Who your savior is has an influence on your view on human value, dignity and treatment of others. As is indicated by the title of this thread many evangelicals seem to serve another master.