(I hope this isn't the wrong board. I'm kinda new around here) ....

I'm curious if anyone else here agrees with my complaint.

In my quiet suburb, the local Walmart has decided to reserve two of the closest parking spaces near its grocery entrance for police officers. Mind you, the police in my city do not have enough to do on nearly any day, and tend to find new speed traps and frequent local cafes (not enough doughnut shops here). My elderly father-in-law uses a walker and manages to hobble several parking spaces back to get to the grocery entrance, so why can't police here do the same?

Anyway, I was so irate to see this development that I will be bribing my father-in-law to go to another grocery store from now on - even if it costs more money. I will pay the difference. And I am encouraging my entire family in this city to go elsewhere too.

Does this sound like an over reaction? I wouldn't mind if the spots were reserved for firefighters or ambulance drivers or some other volunteers, but for cops who don't have enough to do?