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Media coverage reveals the grassroots enthusiasm and allows it to thrive. Deliberately refusing to give it any or at the most bare minimal coverage is an intentional attempt to suppress it and hopefully cause support to wither as fewer people are even aware of it.
if it were truly a grass roots movement, then it is not dependent on media coverage. Tea Party grew without the support of media, the rallies were given short shrift and the attention given was pretty much negative. The media attention was not minor for the alt right rallies through out the summer of 2017, the only rally which gained attention was Charlottesville.

The violent anti abortion wing was lost its grass roots support, through media attention, because of the inherent inconsistencies with Christian thought on anti abortion action.

Four distinct movements (pro-life, Tea Party, Alt Right activism, and anti abortion violent action), and and the media attention was of lesser importance than the the grass root support,the attachment to the ideas and philosophies by the mass of Americans.