Not by deeper waters.

What does it mean to be alone? What does it mean to be a friend? These questions, to me, are some of the most important questions one can ask in life.

I have been playing video games for a long time. I have also been involved in Larp and tabletop games. In playing these games I have found that oftentimes people are good for people.

Mr Peter's already brought up Final Fantasy 4. I will bring up some other games.

Final Fantasy 6 stars a very large cast. In a world reeling from a great war known as the war of the magi those who are able to use magic are rare and powerful. Here we are introduced to Terra. Terra is throughout the game a reserved motherly and magically inclined character. As the game progresses she befriends several characters and they each grow as a person as they fight against the nihilistic Kefka.

FF7 begins with two of the main characters committing an act of terrorism before Cloud meets up with his childhood friend Tifa and later saves Aerith and RedXII. The group meets up with Cid Yuffie Vincent and Cait Sith and undergo trials and tribulations growing as people as they set out to defeat Sephiroth and save the planet.

FF8 stars a group of young adults in a military outfit called SeeD. Squall having recently been qualified for SeeD is an intelligent but callous and detached man. Squall tells himself that he doesnt need people and that good and evil are just matters of perspective. Then Squall meets Rinoa and his fellow SeeDs Zell Quistis Selfie and Irvine. They go on to fight Ultemicia in a story about love childhood memories and time.

FF9 begins with an acting troupe kidnapping a princess who wants to be kidnapped as a knight tries desperately to do his job. This game delves into the inevitability of death and the importance of what we do with the time we do have in our lives.

I could continue to go into these games and many others including Dragon Quest games EarthBound Mother 3 and more.

However each of these games deals with things that we are familiar with. We all know what it feels like to not belong, to be lonely, to not want to be vulnerable, to want life to have meaning, to be loved, and to experience life in the fullest. As far as I am concerned people need people to live such a life.

I thank God that I have had so many people in my life.