Not sure where this should go, but I thought this was interesting...

I have a MagicJack phone line that I use as my contact for domain registrations.
I never answer that number, it ALWAYS just goes straight to voicemail, which automatically goes to my e-mail inbox as an MP3.

Lately, almost DAILY, I get a phone call from a very proper and friendly sounding gentleman telling me "so, we reviewed your file, and noticed you had asked about Medicare Supplemental Insurance a few months back - we're sorry we missed that, but I wanted to catch up......"

Then he gives a toll-free number, of course.

So, today, I called that toll-free number. It was, indeed, one of the mainline insurance companies.
The nice lady answered the phone, and asked how she could help me.

Conversation went pretty much like this (after the obligatory "this call is being recorded for training purposes, blah blah blah)....

Her: How may I assist you?
Me: Why would you want to work for a company of pathological liars?
Her: [brief silence] - um... I'm sorry, what's this about?
Me: Why would I want to buy insurance from a company whose very first contact with me was an outright lie?
Her: I honestly don't know what you're talking about, sir...
Me: Here, listen to this sales pitch from your company...
[played audio]
Her: That's from OUR company?
Me: I called the toll-free number and got you! You're honestly unaware of this sales pitch?
(she genuinely sounded surprised and confused)
Her: Well, as I said at the beginning, this call is being recorded, and if you don't mind, I'd like to get a supervisor on the line, because that's not how we do business, sir.
Me: That would be great!
Her: OK, please hold on just a moment, you'll hear silence, then I'll bring.... um... Sylvia on the line.
Me: That works for me!
[more silence]
[dial tone]