The supply of PPE seems to be opening up, the stories of dire shortages are decreasing, the reports of nurses and other health care workers wearing trash bags have pretty much disappeared.

So time to start looking back and assessing things.

Were hospitals and nursing homes in urban areas correct in their decisions to conserve PPE? It is those decisions which are today being condemned, placing patients in the dangerous situations of being exposed to SARS-CoV-2. The decisions also served to expose workers to the disease. The same decisions can be seen across the country, from California to NY and NJ. But there were relatively fewer reports of shortages in rural facilities, farther away from hotspots.

Was it a breakdown of medical ethics, or an application of medical ethics applied to real world examples?

Some homes may be placed in jeopardy (carrying the potential for a stiff financial penalty). Were they following the guidance of the federal government, Trump?