Happy Memorial Day.



How are we treating Memorial Day? Letís plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Okay. I admit I need to teach this to myself a lot more. Itís really hard sometimes to think about Memorial Day. In my own family, I have to think a bit before remembering anyone who has military service and the one that comes to mind is my uncle who died a few years ago. I canít think of anyone in my family who died in combat. It doesnít mean theyíre not there, but if they are, they are in the extended family and Iím not aware of them.

Maybe youíre in the same boat. Maybe you donít know anyone like that in your family right off. Thatís okay. There might not be. On my side, itís not that my family isnít patriotic. We certainly are. Itís just that for whatever reason we didnít serve.

So for me, this is really a normal day. If I didnít know today was Memorial Day, the only thing I would be wondering is why the mail isnít running today. Actually, I even checked before I remembered that itís Memorial Day.

But again, thatís just me. For a lot of people, it isnít. My wedding anniversary is probably for you a normal day. It sure isnít here. There are many families today out there that are missing someone. There are many chairs that are empty. They did lose loved one in various wars.

That means their were husbands that never returned to kiss or embrace or make love to their wives again. There were fathers who never returned to teach their sons how to play baseball. There were mothers who never got to go get a dress for prom with their daughter.

They wonít be gathering around a grill outside (Which I donít do anyway, another oddity) to fix hot dogs and burgers. Their families donít just see this as another day off of work. In reality, this day can be super depressing for them.

So really, one of the best ways to honor the day would be to honor those families. Spend time with them. Donít try and have fun with them unless they want that. Just be there for them. Listen to them. Let them talk about the sacrifices their loved one made for us.

Over here, we have a lot to be grateful for. We live in a country that is founded on the idea of freedom. Itís not a natural in human history. There has never been a country like this before. We have changed the world with this radical idea.

Give thanks to these families. They need to know that their pain today still matters. Their loved one or loved ones are appreciated.

So to all of you who lost loved ones, I am sorry for your loss. I appreciate your sacrifice and theirs. It wasnít in vain. Any freedom I have today is in part because someone else was willing to sacrifice theirs.

Thank you.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

Never forget.

In Christ,
Nick Peters