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Thread: Our universe likely was born spinning like everything else a galaxy of galaxies

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    Our universe likely was born spinning like everything else a galaxy of galaxies

    Our universe not only expanded, but was likely spinning when it was expanding.


    Study of 200,000 Galaxies Reveals the Entire Universe Might Have Been Spinning in One Direction Early On

    Almost everything in the universe spins. Planets rotate on their axis, stars spin around black holes, and galaxies spin in great spiral structures. But what about the universe as a whole?

    Structures rotate because of a property known as angular momentum. Angular momentum is a measure of mass and rotation, and it is a conserved physical property. One of its characteristics is that when mass moves closer together, it spins faster to keep angular momentum constant. You see this in figure skaters when they leap into the air and pull their limbs close to their bodies. Galaxies, stars, and planets all formed from great clouds of cosmic gas and dust. As gravity caused these clouds to collapse, even the smallest bit of rotation was amplified. So it is natural that they all spin.

    But on a cosmic scale, things are different. Itís generally thought that the universe is homogeneous and isotropic. This means that on average matter should be evenly spread out and that the total angular momentum of the cosmos should be about zero. If thatís true, then the rotation of galaxies should be random. In any region of space you look, about half should be spinning in a clockwise direction, and about half anticlockwise.

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    Neat illustrations.
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