I agree with Catholicity. I don't think we are either good or bad. We are created in His image because of His great love for us. God deeply desires to be in intimate relationship with us. Perfect and holy, such a desire for something bad is inconsistent. The sin nature we inherit is bad and that is what the battle is waged to conquer. Just as the sin in us is bad, so the Spirit in us is good and powerful to overcome the sin. We are encumbered by sin, but we are not defined by it. Our very reason for being on earth is to be given the opportunity to choose Salvation and bear witness to the truth. In the process, God is glorified and we store up treasures in heaven. That is surely good. If we choose otherwise, we cannot inherit the kingdom. That does not make US bad, only our choice.

This is the first rule of good parenting: Don't tell the child he is bad, correct the behavior and love the person. God doesn't love us even though we're not worth it. He loves us because we are his favorite creation. We have value...we are worth saving! Otherwise, why would He bother? God grieves every soul that perishes without Christ. That's why evangelism is so important. It is an urgent battle over a great treasure: us.