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I am of the persuasion that the Christian Trinity explanation is essential to there even being a God. The foundation to accept this is generally denied. The argument can be proposed that if the Trinity is not true that there could not even be a God.
ISTM that the Mystery of the inner Life of the Most Blessed Trinity illustrates, beautifully, the Johannine words that "God is Love" - thus:

The Father Loves the Son
The Son Loves the Father

Both of Those Who are Love & and are Beloved, are Infinite Divine Persons.
And the Love Between Them, the Holy Spirit, is an Infinite Divine Person.

The Shema in Deuteronomy 6.5 - which Jesus made the first and greatest commandment - is as follows: "And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might." It seems extremely safe to infer that what is commended of men, is what is happening in God, eternally. It is what Jesus did while on earth, perfectly & unceasingly. It is what He does now- therefore, since there is not the least difference in purpose between Him & His Father, it is what the Father does; because "Like Father, like Son" is perfectly verified here: "He who has seen Me, has see the Father". The moral Identity between Them is Perfect, and Infinite. Likewise for the Holy Spirit, Who is the Author & Spirit of Love.

So if the question is "Why is God Tri-Une ?", one answer might be that this is unanswerable, and a second might be, "Because God is Love".

The Love of the Divine Persons for the Divine Persons cannot be less than the love in creatures. But if it is as excellent and wonderful as it must be - since it is Eternal, Limitless, Unfailing, Universal, Holy, & Divine - then the Giver, the Gift & the Recipient must be co-equally & co-eternally God. Only God can give this Love Infintely; only God can receive such Love Infinitely; only God can be this Infinite Love.

The Most Holy Trinity, because it is the supreme Mystery of the Christian Faith, cannot be proved by reason; words about It, are words, not It. It can be known to be Real only through Divine Revelation; though there are many hints and shadows of it in creation and history - "God has not left Himself without a witness" even in regard to this. That it is utterly mysterious, is a reminder that to know it is entirely and in all respects wholly gratuitous - to know it, depends entirely on the free and sovereign initiative of God; in no way is knowledge of the Most Holy Trinity owed to human nature, or to any creature whatever. Although such knowledge is not owed to human nature, this knowledge is not a violation of human nature, but is in accord with it. The proof of this is that Our Lord had a flawless human nature, and yet His entire Life, even on earth, was Trinitarian; as His Baptism shows.