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Thread: Challenge to Mikeenders on the historicity of the Exodus

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    The Exodus meaning:

    1. The Jewish nation is enslaved in Egypt
    2. A series of plagues occur.
    3. The Jewish nation leaves Egypt.
    4. It then wanders in the wilderness for 40 years.

    I think this is essentially the bare minimum for a historical Exodus. I am not including the Conquest, as that is a different problem. My position is that no such events took place:

    1. The Jews were never enslaved in Egypt
    2. The plagues never occurred
    3. The Jews, never having been enslaved, didn't need to leave.
    4. The wilderness narrative is not historical

    Conclusion: The Exodus, as described in the OT, can be shown not to have happened.

    Again, we can go with "blatantly obvious," and I feel as though that essentially is my position, but I wouldn't word it exactly like that. However, in the interest of having the debate, we can go with the wording "blatantly obvious."
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