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To say, "be no more" is no different than saying "to be annihilated."

Well you distort the ECT view. And you further distort the view I hold. How should I change my mind when you lie about the view I have held?

Not going to happen. Here is why: You distort the view you disagree with. Add to the fact, you do not deal with the issues which give rise to the view you believe is not Biblical. You retort to your definitions, disallowing the true Biblical usage behind the words of the translation.

It is not hard to make your case, if it is true, as you contend. Set the two views side by side. Claim by claim.

Give valid answers for the questions which the defenders of ECT make. Remember the lost sheep? I tried to provide a plausible argument for you, using the word "gone" regarding the lost sheep.

Here is the question: Jesus warned, "Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell." Now explain why once one is died, should fear God for casting him/her in hell? Make sense of that, would you please.
Jesus explained why we should fear God whom "after he has killed has the power to cast into hell". Read Matthew 10:28, we should fear the one who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell. We should fear being destroyed in hell. It's makes perfect sense, if those who are sent to hell truly are destroyed there, as I believe. Does that make sense to you now brother?

Also, I agree with you that "To say, "be no more" is no different than saying "to be annihilated."". And this is exactly what the Bible says will happen to the wicked. "The wicked will be no more". I'm not making this up, that is exactly what the Bible says in Psalm 37:10. You can see it for yourself.