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Thread: News: Formal rule on banning people from your thread

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    News: Formal rule on banning people from your thread

    To all forum members:

    We have historically been a lightly moderated site. One of the privileges we give to our thread starters is the ability to effectively ban other posters from their thread. We expect the thread starters to use this privilege sparingly, and to abide by the following rules:

    1) If you start a thread about someone, banning them is not an option
    2) If you request a person leave the thread, you may not respond to any post that person has posted in your thread, either before or after your request
    3) if you ban someone, and then reply to a post of theirs, or bring them back up to another poster, they may return free of consequence
    4) If you are asked to leave or not participate, you must comply immediately when a moderator tells you to.
    5) If you are asked to leave or not participate, you are forbidden from providing your input to other posters for them to post on your behalf

    If you are caught breaking the rules of a thread ban, you will be moderated, receive infraction points as necessary, and all of your subsequent responses in the thread will be deleted. Of course, you may appeal to a moderator for reconsideration if you can prove your case, but we ask that you do so via private message and not in the thread. You may also start your own thread to respond if you choose.
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